Music has descended from the ancient music of long time ago. In any civilization, traditional music has been created but this music has been mixed with the culture that existed in any group. For example, the culture of people can be heard through their songs and that they have created traditional songs of their country and there are so many things that we can talk about the traditional songs and how they were created. All of these are a long story.

Music in Pittsburgh comes with the melody of Jazz, though Jazz did not totally come from this country but of course, we can make sure that there are still mixes with the genre of music. For example, a jazz melody which is mixed with a rock melody. This can be seen through the traditional wedding songs in the city. Since the existence of music, Pittsburgh music has been performed in stage in seasonally and that most of Pittsburgh music are transformed as a daily sound of comfort.

Think of the radio stations in the country, the radio station brings out songs from the country and it can be manifested through the existence of the K-Rock Band which is always played through the 93.7 radio station in the country. Pittsburgh music has been modernized in this way. The most popular genre of music all around the world is rock music. K-rock music are surely one of the best music that is found in Pennsylvania. An amazing result of these music is brought out to the whole world little by little.