In the United States, music can be heard everywhere. Country music is very popular in the U.S. And in fact, it is not only in U.S but also in other countries. This music has been widely spread almost every part of the world. Radio stations all throughout the United States are airing every country songs which includes rock music especially modern rock songs.

The History of K-rock. The K-rock which is a famous and commonly known radio station began from the 1980’s. In the United States, there are many different call signs, branding, and frequency of K-rock radio station. The 93.7 k-rock is one  famous branding that has a call sign of WRKZ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and owned by the CBS Radio station.

A lot of people love listening to rock music. Thanks to k-rock radio station, rock music listeners can enjoy listening anytime and anywhere. It is the same as the k-country. K-country and k-rock music are the most heard music in the United States. Most listeners of rock music are teens and young adults who are so active in their daily lives. There’s actually a good news! The k-rock will shift to a talk show! This radio station is making a difference and new history in the world of music.

It is a good way to entertain music listeners especially that it is a live talk show. Show hosts of the k-rock talk show are also full of energy and humorous that makes the audience laugh and enjoy a lot. Go k-rock!